Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence [Know Facts]

Knows the Untold of this Scheme [Ethics, Law, Ideas, Advantage & Disadvantage]

The world has improved by many folds. It is still under evolution. The approach of making a computer, an electronic product, or even a robot, to think as smart as human thinks, likewise brings up the interesting debate on Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence.

Knowing the unlimited facts about artificial and human intelligence, in addition can give vital information on how and why the world is advancing. The aim of applying human intelligence in an artificial way is very fascinating. If we look at the past compared to now, questions may arise on how the world has reached it’s present day.

What Is Intelligence?

Firstly, one may ask, “What exactly is intelligence?”

The word intelligence has been described in many ways. It can be the ability to understand, to learn, to be self-aware, reasoning, planning, and creativity. Secondly, the ability to process problems and emotional knowledge is what intelligence gives.

Uniquely, intelligence is a basic mental ability of a human being. After this comes the thought of how to introduce this intelligence into an artificial point of view. The human world has introduced many different ways to complete this. Likewise, they have applied and explained how and why the existence of this form of intelligence is important. From which arises the branch of Artificial Intelligence.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a form of intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. Or in simple words, the ability of computer-based technology to perform human-like tasks. It is the innovative idea built-up to perform and make decisions, often used in real-time.

The AI applications can include search engines on the Internet, recommendation systems, otherwise called algorithms, like YouTube, Amazon, etc. Those gadgets which can understand the human speech  ( like Siri or Alexa), self-driving cars (Tesla, Ford, etc.) and other such tasks can be operated by the help of AI.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence can be of various sub-divided fields that are focused around special goals and motivations.

Most of all the task of AI is to reason, demonstrate, plan, represent ideas, processing language and much more.

Moreover, the general vision of AI is to solve random problems which has been a goal of AI developers from the start. This also can include solving of mathematical problems, statistical problems, with a hope of making it easier.

Thirdly, this can also include many other fields of thought such as linguistics, physiology, psychology and many more.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

As we now know what AI is, let us have a brief look at the Types of AI.

We can say without a doubt that AI is one of the most amazing creations made by humans till date. If you take a look around this realm, you will find that it is very little of what it is capable of. Whatever inventions and innovations that are made throughout the world is just the tip of the iceberg.

Based on the criteria, there are [4] four types of AI or AI-based systems, such as,

• Reactive machines: This category of AI type that can only respond to different stimuli, like touch, hearing, etc. It is one of the oldest forms of AI. the capability of the system very limited. Further, this type of machine does not have the ability to store any data.

AI Example:

A product of this kind is IBM’s Deep Blue, which beat Garry Kasparov in 1997.

AI Categories:

• Limited memory : It is capable of learning from history and can make decisions. Nearly all existing applications till now fall under this category of AI.

• Theory of mind (includes understanding of other intelligent entities): This category of AI is a new invention of AI researchers. Unlike the previous two types, this AI is still under development.

• Self-aware: This is the last stages of AI developments. This stage is still a concept of view. This type of AI will be able to state it’s emotions in addition complete its desires as it wants.

Furthermore, it can be subdivided into the following:-

[1] ANI: Artificial Narrow Intelligence
[2] AGI: Artificial General Intelligence
[3]ASI: Artificial Superintelligence

What Artificial Intelligence Can Do?

Let’s know brief information of what artificial intelligence can do,

[1] Firstly AI with contact writing. The contact writing in the case of artificial intelligence can be called an AI WRITER.

[2] An AI writers writes content using his\her own algorithms likewise practicing the use such algorithms in daily life.

[3] furthermore AI is working for different categories of life, as such as, contributed well in Voice Over Industries.

From voice assistants, we can easily order our food, groceries, etc. Being a part of AI has contributed a lot in such fields. It has already fit within the Voice Over industries.

Is Artificial Intelligent working for a security service?

In this fact, Security is a term that is quite broader. first, in the case of industries. second, government or even in normal daily life. tired, it is helpful in cases like cyber-attacks, crime prevention, etc.

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence:

We can give a brief description as it’s a branch of ethical technology of artificial intelligence. The term “robot ethics” which can be named “robotics” which refers to morality of human behaviors, uses, and treatment of robots.

Artificial intelligence future and future ideas:

If researching into artificial intelligence-based software, it might be able to improve itself. The software will be better to improve the development facts of the AI. But here many of the researchers tell that the long-term economic effects of AI are uncertain.

Human Intelligence:

Hence, human intelligence is known as the mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapting new situations, understanding, handling abstract concepts, and using knowledge to improve one’s environment.

in effect humans have revolutionized the world. effective adaptation draws upon a number of processes, as such as perceptions, learning, memory, reasoning, and problem-solving.

The important role of human intelligence is the thought of intelligence. Humans possess different abilities to express their intelligence.

There is a conflict regarding how intelligence is measured. Starting from the concepts of concerning how intelligence is mounted upon birth, or that it’s the mental attitude and efforts.

Several subcategories of intelligence are present such as emotional intelligence or social intelligence, which are heavily debatable whether they are traditional forms of intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence [Advantages and Disadvantages]

Advantages of AI:-

[1] AI Programming:

AI is a programming setting. One of the main aims is to advance the amount of diversity in technology. And being a technology, it’s biggest advantage is accuracy of the system and the precision. furthermore It helps in reducing the amount of error produced by the systems. If the system is properly done then the errors can be solved.

[2] AI Approach:

Second biggest approach of AI is the zero risk while using the applications of AI. It doesn’t cause an options of risk from blasting a bomb to surviving an unfriendly atmosphere.

[3] AI Systems:

AI systems can function 24 hours a day and 7 days a week nonstop with ultimate performance. It help the accuracy of the production of artificial intelligence.

So, following are the disadvantages of artificial intelligence.

Disadvantages of AI:

[1] Limitation:

First disadvantages of AI is that it stays inside the limitation. It cannot think anything other than the given information. It can’t act or think outside the box.

[2] The Cost:

Second disadvantage is of high cost. The products are high amounts and needs great precise plan to perform the functions needed. It needs many spare parts which can be of high price.

[3] Unemployment:

Tired the increase in unemployment. As the artificial intelligence is replacing many of the steps for making the ease of people’s work it’s creating jobless populations.

Peoples occupations are taken over by robots. This might cause laziness.

Impact of AI:

As a result there are also advantages of human intelligence, the following are the advantages of human intelligence.

Advantages of Human Intelligence:

Likewise, human intelligence is stronger. One can think as much as they want. it can think outside the box.
Humans are able to work in various forms and do not need any kind of separate storage capacity.

Disadvantages of Human Intelligence:

Humans are getting dependable on the technological works and appliances. They are into the new inventions of day-by-day technologies.

Moreover humans do not stay motivated to their work for so long time, resulting to be Unhealthy.

Artificial Intelligence and Laws:

[1] AI systems under the law of the US:

According to this fact, there is no comprehensive federal legislation on AI in the United States to date. The Congress of the US is considering several pieces of legislation that may regulate certain aspects of AI.

[2] The law of AI in Europe:

For this, the Europeans approach to trustworthy AI and new rules are going to be applied directly.

[3] Canadian law of AI System:

At present, there is no such law governing the use of AI in Canada. However, the applications of such laws to AI raise a number of questions when dealing with artificial neural networks.


by seeing a bit of description about AI and Human Intelligence balanced with each other.

But no matter what, one thing is for sure that is humans are the ones who made this artificial intelligence possible.

Our intelligence has helped the world to see this capability. Humans have shown the work of their intelligence by making such progress in the world.

No matter how far technology goes, humans are the ones to take this to a higher level. Human intelligence may differ in various aspects of the AI systems but we are still the rightful owner of Artificial intelligence.

[Written by [Written by Sanzida Afrin Tanha, Student, USTC]
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