Buying A Printer Epson L130? Why 10 Things to Consider

When it’s time to buying a printer, one needs to keep some important points in consideration. You have to have a different printer for different working purposes. It can be for your personal use or for official purposes and even for professional heavy-duty where you need to have a high regulation printer.

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Printer

Here in this article, I will try my level best to help you make the decision which one be the best choice for you.

Choose your workspace and budget:

Here we can divide your working purpose into three, like domestic, official, and finally for a professional using printer. Keep it in mind; it doesn’t end your expenditure with buying a printer. So, you have to bear some costs like buying ink, cartridge for it regularly. Isn’t it stupidity buying a high regulation printer with extra cost for domestic use?

In domestic use, you may need to print important documents like assignments, sheets, notes, etc. where you needn’t buy a multifunctional, speedy, high regulation printer. On the other hand, you need to spend more on an extra-featured printer especially for professional or official usage. Hence, you should budget for what you really need, and with which one you can run affordable price? So look before you leap.

Think about brand and features:

Buying a printer brand is not only name or aristocracy. It’s about your satisfaction with user experience, access to easy after-sales service at your location, and warranty period. So choose a brand perfect for you and that can go with your budget.


In the market depending on your budget, you can buy a less or an extra featured printer. But Here, you need to know some principles about your chosen printer. To get qualified printed copy as you want, image quality is a much more important fact that depends on a different feature. So, have a look into its regulations, ink droplet, printer size and speed, paper handling, connectivity, is it Inkjet or laser printer? Why do you have the urgency to know it? Let me clarify it for you.


To get a qualified image, your printer should be highly regulated. Almost every individual printer have different regulation. But need to know about its DPI or Dot Per Inch. As its DPI gets higher, the image will be so much more immaculate. For photography or perfect printing, at least 1200 DPI is needed. So, consider how much DPI you do look for?

Ink droplet size:

For sharper print, ink droplet size has to be less possible. Generally, 4-12pl droplet size is available in the market. Take less possible.


For professional or official usage, you need to buy a bigger size printer, if you print on a larger page. But if you print on an A4 or legal page, you can run with a medium or smaller one.


It also varies on the usage purpose. In an official or business context, you need a speedy one. It determines with its PPM. ‘PPM’ means ‘Paper Per Minute’, which remarks how much paper it can print every minute. Usually, you can get 5-25PPM printers that are affordable in the market.


Now people use printers with multiple devices like laptops, pc even with a mobile phone. To perform in the office with a mobile, your printer should have a Wi-Fi connection. It’s mandatory nowadays.

Printing technology:

Buyers often get confused about his printer will be inkjet or ink tank or even laser printer? It’s about your printer’s printing technology. Inkjet can give you high-quality copy, but take more time to print. Inkjet printers perform on a cartridge that can be very costly. In general, it’s not for domestic use. If you think about an ink tank printer, you have to refill colors in a tank connected to the printer. Here also you have to count some extra dollar buying color. On the other hand, a laser printer is speedy enough, it’s something like a photocopy machine, here can print within extra-fast time bearing less cost.

Single vs multifunction printer:

If you don’t have enough space to set different machines for photocopy, scanning, and printing. You can get a one-stop solution with a multifunction printer. Because it works on cartridge technology, you need to spend more money per page printing. Furthermore, you have to spend more buying this. Here you can choose a single-function printer for small office or domestic use.

Why Choose Epson L130?

If your plan is to use the printer for domestic or mini-business purposes, Epson L130 can be a better choice for speedy performance, better image building capacity with low-cost printing. Saying why? This model has some congenial features that you have to consider. It’s an ink tank, single-function printer with a 2.0 USB connector.
Epson L130 Printer

If you can’t afford enough for a multifunction printer, no worry, it’s time for mobile users. Obviously, you have a smartphone in your hand. So, do you need an extra scanner? If you can do it with your smartphone? Why will you spend extra dollars for multifunction?

It can print 27 black and white page minutes on the other hand printing speed in a colored image it’s 15ppm. You can get perfect regulation with its up to 5760dpi capacity to print sharper images. Where photography is needed only 1200dpi, you can experience extra smooth regulation with this 5760dpi printer.

You can experience low-cost printing with this L130 ink tank printer. You can print about 4k pages with a 70ml black ink bottle and about 6.5k pages with a color ink bottle.

Where you need to spend relatively 7 and 18 penny for color and black and white pages. So, you can take it to your cart and find the best Kugoo kirin S1 pro electric scooter

You’ll get a 1-year warranty with 7 days replacement. Moreover, they have 314 service centers worldwide.

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