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Inspiring Content Writing Tips
Read – deeply, and as often as you can. I don’t mean read just any book.
Don’t just write about it, do it.
Browse all kinds of word sites.
Go outside of your niche.
Find a way to connect with the subject matter.

Source: Outbrain

Ways to Inspire Creativity

Research shows that performing simple tasks can release creative thoughts

  1. Listen to music. 2. Journal every day. 3. Join a group of creative. 4. Take a walk 5. Turn off (or cover) your monitor. 6. Reward yourself for writing with a kitten. 7. Mind map 8. Carry an idea notebook 9. Free write 10. Join a social writing site. 11. Go somewhere busy. 12. Go someplace quiet 13. Do something brave 14. Attend a creative event 15. Perform a mundane task 16. Knit or crochet 17. Make a list 18. Have a conversation 19. Keep an idea file 20. Try a topic generator 21. Light a vanilla cinnamon candle   (Source: Grammarly)

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