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  • IMPORTANT: All information is for educational & social purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. However, each individual’s dietary needs and restrictions are unique to the individual. You are ultimately responsible for all decisions pertaining to your health.

Healthy living is one of the key ingredients to staying fit. Since you are born, you start growing. Not only your age, every cell of your body functions to grow. And one of the best factors to stay fit is having a healthy living catalog.

Likewise, scientists have been working on how your body responds when it starts getting more prominent, taller, and weightier. They have found the best tips to get one in good shape.

What Is Health?

Generally, the state of being free from illnesses and diseases is known as health. Health is a significant factor in your life. As the quote says, “health is wealth” you must follow the way your body responds.

Every human being should be concerned about their health. For this, you should also have good healthy living catalogs. In which you mark your body’s performance.

You can have different types of catalogs for your healthy day. It can be of many forms, such as

  1. Precise Sleep
  2. Mindful planning of the day.
  3. Exercise, yoga, or meditation.
  4. Healthy plates for a healthy diet.
  5. Enough intake of water

And many more.

Let’s look at these in detail!

Precise Sleep:

Nonetheless, sleep is of utmost importance for a healthy body. Enough sleep at night is required to calm your brain. You see while working for a maximum of 10 hours a day can exhaust your body.

Since our body’s optimum conditions start in the morning, it also ends at a respective time. When your body works like a machine, it starts signaling to the brain at a particular moment.

As a result, it ultimately causes tiredness. Sleeping for at least 8 hours a day is vital to reaching your healthy living goal.

Well, it may be optional for those working harder than ordinary people.

Such as students can take at least 6 hours of sleep at night. It can help your brain process everything you do in a day. Getting less sleep can cause you any medical problems. Such as,

  • Lower sex drive,
  • Decrease in immunity,
  • Causing stress,
  • This leads to anxiety,
  • Causes depression.
  • You even start to lose focus.
  • It can even lead you to gain weight.
  • Including obesity.

Primarily, sleeplessness can even cause many serious medical issues such as,

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Nervous breakdown

It can even increase the chances of some cancers

Even car accidents.

Good Sleep Schedule for Healthy Living Catalog

Good Sleep Schedule

You should set a goal and work on it. Moreover,  it’s also essential to practice good sleeping habits,

You can be done by ignoring your phone or any screen 1 hour before you sleep. The blue light radiations emitted by cell phones or any electronic devices can lead to melatonin production.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by our brain, the pineal gland. This hormone usually is secreted at night. And is associated with the control of sleep.

As a result, the blue rays of your cell phone can create an increase in this hormone. Activating your brain. You may start feeling fresh, but ultimately your brain will be under stress.

Mindful Planning of the Day:

Planning your day can be beneficial. Nevertheless, It helps you to achieve your goals. Sating up small tasks and marking them up after finishing can help you stay focused. You can start with small tasks, like

  • Waking up at 7 AM.
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Drinking a glass full of water.
  • Make your bed.
  • Doing some exercise, yoga, meditation or maybe go for a 15 minutes walk.
  • Make yourself a healthy breakfast.

Just like this, you can make your mindful morning routines as you like. It can keep your focus. It can also lead you to stay motivated on your changes.

Exercise, Yoga, or Meditation:

Generally, exercise, yoga, or meditation helps keep your body fit. Likewise, it helps you to stay active throughout the day. Moreover, this can increase good blood pressure, give your body space to breathe, release tiredness, release stress, and help you get out of your depressive life.

Starting your day with at least a 15-minute workout can change your lifestyle. It can be,

  • Working out in the gym or at home.
  • Yoga practices and stretching your body.
  • Meditation, relaxing and soothing breaths.
  • Walking, jogging, or even swimming.

Practicing any of these in your daily life can help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

Healthy Diet:

Take Healthy Diet
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Dieting can be anything that a human consumes for energy. It is food intake. Likewise, consuming junk food can be very harmful. Your healthy dietary plate should contain fruits, vegetables.

It should contain the needed proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It can be very selective. Such as,

Proteins: Bananas, grapefruits, potatoes, cooked broccoli, etc.

Vitamins: this can be of any type, vitamin A, C, E, Fiber, calcium, etc., such as spinach, eggs, milk, strawberries, dairy products, etc.

Minerals: it includes cereals, bread, fish, milk, etc.

Carbohydrates: this includes all sugary products such as fruits, grains, dairy products, dried beans, etc.

And many more

Enough Intake of Water:

Enough Intake Water

After all, water is the main constituent of your body, and your body contains 60-65% of the fluid. Means it contains water. Your organs, mainly the brain and heart, are continued sly in need of hydration.

Therefore, it would be best if you kept hydrating your body. It is usually said to consume eight glasses of water a day. You should keep yourself away from dehydration.

Likewise, dehydration is the process in which your body loses water.

Generally, it is when your body is thirsty and in need of water.

Water can be lost from your body by tears, sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can be caused by many factors, such as climate changes, not enough water intake, and no good diet.

The best 50 Healthy Living Website for Healthy Living

Here are our top 50 health and wellness websites for healthy living catalog in 2021

  1. Real Food Dieticians
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Yoga Journal
  4. Verywell Health
  5. Avocadu
  6. Well+Good
  7. Greatist
  8. Fit Bottomed Girls
  9. Breaking Muscle
  10. Healthline
  11. Women’s Health
  12. Men’s Health
  13. The art of healthy living
  14. Prevention
  16. Shape
  17. Men’s Fitness
  18. Bites of Wellness
  20. Eating Bird Food
  21. Muscle and Fitness
  22. Wellness Mama
  23. Nutrition Stripped
  24. Mellowed
  25. Mind-Body Green
  26. Tiny Buddha
  27. Fit Foodie Finds
  28. Mommypotamus
  29. The Healthy Maven
  30. Nutrition Twins
  31. Natural Living Ideas
  32. Blissed
  33. A Healthy Slice of Life
  34. The Balanced Life
  35. Sonima
  36. Everyday Health
  37. Wellness Today
  38. Born Fitness
  39. The 12-Minute Athlete
  40. On the Regimen
  42. Summer Tomato
  43. John Fawkes
  45. Girls Gone Strong
  46. The Chalkboard Mag
  47. Clean Eating
  48. Yoga Lifestyles
  49. Robb Wolf
  50. Mantra Wellness

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What are the best Healthy Living Products in your Healthy Living Catalog?

1. Vitamins & Supplements
2. Fruits & Vegetables
3. Food & Drinks
4. Skincare & Beauty
5. Health Solutions
6. Sustainable Living
7. Brain & Memory
8. Natural Place
9. TV Show
10. Brand company


As we covered all the essential points in obtaining a healthy diet, one should have a good mindset. A disciplined mindset can change the game of your life.

So, in conclusion, you should keep on focusing on changing your habits for a healthy living catalog. Your motivation can lead you to your success. And having a good healthy life catalog is the most significant success of one’s life.

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