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Do you want to earn money online? Dialme Today hiring writers underwriters contribution program. There are various important questions about the writer’s contributions program.

Recently, we received many queries. So be patient. Dialme Today welcomes queries from professional and emerging writers and freelancers anywhere community voices along with the journalist.

Want to ask some of vary Essential Questions:-

1. Do you or your business concentrate on helping somebody?

2. If you feel you can enhance the blogging community for the better by teaching others and sharing your insight at Dialme Today?

3. On condition that dedicated as a content writer?

2. Interested in being a writer with Dialme Today?

If your answer is YES

Then continue with the hiring writer’s underwriters contributor program,

Dialme Today, we are always looking for solid and passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content for Audiences.

¿ Why will you participate in hiring writers underwriters contributor program

  1. Will I get credit as the author? YES
  2. Am I getting paid? YES

Benefits of Writing

Millions of visitors come [will come] to our website yearly in search of a wide variety of information, so your contributions will change lives for the better thinking and be seen and valued by curious, passionate, educated, motivated, and sophisticated globally.

Your article will receive by the executive board, promoted to more than 10000 friends on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram. Dialme Today is a highly responsive social networking website.

Eligibility for Payments

We are a growing but small startup with a small limited budget. We believe in helping to create a fair economy where everyone has the potential to flourish and contribute. Our pay scale is based on living wage principles and adjusted for length, type of piece, complexity, level of research involved, whether or not the writer is Independent, or working for someone else.

1st article will be a voluntary contribution to our site, and from 2nd article will be considered for payment. So you are supposed to submit your content/articles, and you will pay later, considering your content’s quality.

What’s Focus?

Dialme Today, the blog is mainly about Health & Technology issues. Please apply if you have experience in writing online. This job is particular, so only apply if you meet the below criteria:

Trending News

Dialme Today focuses on all trending news under trending news. So the question is, what is trending news? Trending News: latest trending globally, Top trending in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, etc, and Top trending topics: in Google, Twitter, Linked In, or Social media updates. In terms of geographical focus, we aim for a content balance of 20% Canadian, 60% North American, and 20% International.


You are passionate about Education, Agriculture, Jobs, Post-Capitalism, Governance, Leadership, Monitoring, Accountability Practices, Training, Volunteer, Women Empowering, Business, Traveling, Marketing, Branding, Enterprise, Interviews, Business Ideas for Enterprise Design and Operation, Telling Story, Innovation, Feminism, Entrepreneurs, Startups, How-to, Best, Top 10, and What type of information is under the Guide categories – You are helping-minded knowledgeable.


If you are passionate about Health, lifestyle, Healthy Living, Health Benefits, Weight loss, Healthy food, Healthcare, Hospital Tourism, Patient Story, information under Health categories – You are helping-minded – You are knowledgeable.


Dialme Today, passionate about Technology, all innovative things that can meet people’s needs and change the lives in the world. You are Knowledgeable and passionate about Technology, Drones, Phones, bikes, Electric scooters, Tools, and Tablets. Technical-minded and very creative.


We also provide Reviews, Ad Network Reviews, Products Reviews, CPA Marketing Reviews, VPN Reviews, Insurance Reviews, Business Reviews, Domain & Hosting Reviews, Affiliate Marketing Health Products, and Life Insurance reviews, etc.


We review products, Bike, Bicycles, Scooter, Mobile, Drones, Printer, Tablets, Consumer Products, Beauty Products, Washing Machine, etc with Price, Feathers, Specification, Technical Parameters, Country of origin, Usability, Pros, Cons, Why choose, Ratings, Comfortability, Hardware, Design, Mileage, FAQs, and receive compensation through affiliate relationships with merchants listed on this site.

Please know that this in no way affects reviews, benchmarks, content, or this site’s opinions of products, services, manufacturers, partners, or merchants. The mission of Dialme Today is to provide the best functionality for this site’s users, regardless of any potential affiliate commissions.

Others skills:

  • You are expected to be excellent in Keyword Research & SEO and can use the YOAST SEO plugin in Word Press – Your English writing skills are exceptional.

Make sure your content/article is Error-free, Readability score [65-75%] passed, Grammatically Correct, YOAST SEO Optimized, Plagiarism free, Fully Researched-based.

  • You can write interesting and persuasive, and engaging copy.
  • You put cent percent effort and take pride in your write-up.
  • Language: must be in English (UK) & (US)
  • Words limit: We prefer 700 – 3000 words is okay for us.
  • Budget: It depends on the content.
  • Payment Method: Payment for submissions is made quickly, preferably via PayPal, or by check if necessary. We never publish an article prior to your compensation!

Things to Note Under Hiring Writers

Content Writers Contribute Program

  • Dialme Today provided very detailed guidelines for a variety of topics to help you with your submission.
  • Please check that your submission allows the story to tell itself as a journalist, including as many links to relevant and helpful information as possible.
  • Please do not submit previously published travel writing and material; we are looking for first-time rights for original articles and will conduct a web search to verify originality.
  • Please include a biographical note at the end of each submission. You may include a headshot photo of yourself and a link to your blog/website or your primary social media account.
  • Please send a minimum of 2-4 high-resolution photos, preferably more, in an age where images are considered a critical component necessary to draw readers into an article. Please send high-resolution digital photos in .jpg format via email to dialmexyz@gmail.com, or preferably provide a link to the photos you have uploaded and stored in cloud storage sites such as Google Drive Flickr, Dropbox with the appropriate permissions so that we may have the view and download access.
  • You are desperate to include some of your supporting imagery or videos, a link to the YouTube page, or a URL of the picture you like with each item on your list. But we don’t promise we’ll use them, but we’ll consider them.
  • We publish original articles and do not post infographics, slideshows, or “re-blogged” content. We do not publish sponsored articles or content from other sites or YouTube.

What To Do? Hiring Writers And Contributor Program

If you match all of the above, please apply! Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any queries or email us at dialmexyz@gmail.com.

  • Good first impressions are good for Business
  • Give Words to your Thoughts― Thoughtful Minds
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