How to start Affiliate Marketing with NO money

What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Affiliate Marketing Is Taking Over!

It is about impossible to find out a person who passes time on the internet or online who hasn’t heard about outsourcing. But what is affiliate marketing as outsourcing? Let us know about How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No money, NO website.

What is affiliate marketing?

To say commonly affiliate marketing means to get some commissions by selling some goods. Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion Industry. This kind of commerce is being conducted by many persons and institutions. The ways are known to us to earn money through Internet, affiliate marketing is one of them.

A blogger with enough quality can earn much through this way. A skilled blogger can bring many visitors to his blog from different media.

In the context of affiliate marketing, Amazon is a very good and reliable website. Many bloggers in the world are earning so much by selling products from this website.

You can get commissions up to 15% by selling products here. That of- you can get 15 USD if you sell a product of 100 USD. It is a big sector of commerce with great hope. If you have a common skill to use these networks also you can earn much using them.

What is the difference between affiliate programs and affiliate networks?

An affiliate program means a treaty between the owner of a product (advertiser) and a publisher. Suppose, you have invented software. Now if you want the public to know about this software, you have to market it.

If you have enough budgets of money and time then you can market it by yourself. But the matter can be easier if the visitors of your blog market this software. You can give a commission for every sale. This kind of process of marketing is beneficial for both parties.

Now the commercial relationship that has been created between you and your visitors is affiliate marketing or affiliate program.

To run an affiliate program on your own is a job of much trouble. To manage the affiliates, to keep accounts of money, to invent new promotional ideas, etc. will have to do by yourself. If you want to avoid all these troubles you should join an affiliate network.

Generally, an affiliate network is an online marketplace that sets up communication between the advertiser and the publisher.

Overall, affiliate marketing is an online marketplace that sets up communication between advertisers and publishers. Every affiliate network has its own tracking and payment system.

Even an advertiser would promote his product through many affiliate networks besides promoting on his own network. I hope, you have already got a concept by this time.

What you have to know to start affiliate marketing [Step by Step]

  1. Niche select
  2. Keyword research
  3. Product research
  4. All processes of making a website
  5. Content development
  6. Making a landing page
  7. Email list building
  8. Conversion rate optimization (link building)
  9. Social media marketing
  10. Paid marketing (AdWords, Facebook, media by, etc.)

At present, there are many marketers in our country at the entry-level who earn from 1000 to 2000 USD in a month. Now it is an independent and honorable profession.

How does affiliate advertising work?

Here’s AN instance of however this works.

Imagine that a reader visits your publish concerning the wonderful gelidety jackets. They click on on one amongst your affiliate links, main them to a product on Amazon.

But they accomplished they need to pick out up their daughter from school. In order that they escape their house, choose up their daughter, have dinner, so ultimately once more come back to Amazon the place they find the merchandise again.

Since they’re already buying on Amazon, they determine to buy some ski tools too.

An affiliate cookie will two things:

It helps the service supplier attribute the sale once more to the correct person;
It (generally) applies an expiration date; therefore you get paid albeit the buyer delays their purchase.

Preparation to start affiliate marketing:

At the very beginning, you have to start a blog with a domain [Not mandatory] and have to post articles on a special subject.

  1. Optimize your blog by backlinking, marketing, forum posting, comment posting to collect visitors and to
  2. Increase their number. Because there is no option of it to collect visitor.
  3. Take newer decisions assessing the update of visitors.

When you will think that your blog is popular enough and the public has accepted it very well then you will take the decision to start affiliate marketing. Because it is a fact that you will be able to sell the highest 10 products if 1000 visitors visit your blog.

At the same time, it is also true that it is not difficult to traffic thousands of visitors in a day.

How you will add the product of Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

  • At first, register at with your original name and address in the normal process.
  • Join as an associate through Make Money with Us. Here you will get an ID. Please preserve it.
  • You will be sent an email in 1 to 3 days after considering everything. And you will get access to a definite page.
  • After entering into the main page see all the rules and regulations by clicking on the Get Started Now.
  • Now use the product link (HTML) in your blog or website collecting from that site.
  • Now on, you will get 15% of the product price if anyone buys a product using your link.

Those who are new in this way, hope they have got a conception about affiliate marketing. So carry on. Hope your effort will give you success.

Notice you must select the payment process from the checklist. You can also earn money by affiliate marketing without your own website.

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