Study MBBS in Bangladesh: Why Indian Student Coming?

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Planning to pursue a world-class MBBS degree abroad? No worry, if your planned country is Bangladesh. Know Lotay Tshering? Prime minister of Bhutan, by profession, a doctor, study MBBS in Bangladesh. Here in this article, I’ll help you to decide why you click agree on Bangladesh as your MBBS pursuing destination?

Bangladesh has traditions of quality education in this subcontinent. Being a neighbor country besides India, you feel like the courtyard of your home. Bangladesh has very close cultural and food habitats tie with India.

This is not the fundamental something. Points are, Here you will have a world-class degree, maximum standard education at minimum cost, practical working experience in won campus, and many more.

Planning To Study MBBS in Bangladesh? Mind it:

Before making a decision, need to know, only your degree isn’t enough here in India. You need to qualify with other criteria like is your obtained degree admissible by MCI, or does WHO recognize your degree?

Not only as a medical professional an MBBS degree is something like a minimum, you need to study and research acme. To be an expert in a profession, often one needs to stuck with your sector. So, to sit in USMLE or MD as higher education in health, your MBBS degree should have acceptance there.

Why did you choose Bangladesh?

Why is Bangladesh Pop’s destination to pursue an MBBS degree for Indian students?

#1 Medium of study:

In Russia or China, you may have to learn Russian or mandarin as extra. But in Bangladesh, you can run only in English. Furthermore, you needn’t sit any language test like IELTS or TOEFL. The curriculum implemented by BDMC in Bangladeshi medical colleges is closely the same as in India that is known as MCI. So, obtaining a degree, you needn’t think twice. Moreover, MCI passing rate is good enough.

#2 Cost and environment:

You will feel like you are in your courtyard in Bangladesh. The environment is relatively the same as in India. You will get standard accommodation facilities at less cost than an Indian medical college.

Tuition fees are competitively lower than Indian colleges. Often, many Bangladeshi institutions take a minimum of 50% of their course fees. There are medical colleges of different features and standards, though the education system is all the same. But it may vary your costing’s college to college. Before clearly, you can live in College hostels, personal apartments, or even in mess. So, accommodation and food cost up to you.

#3 Quality Education:

In Bangladesh, you have to obtain at least a 60% mark in every exam, as its passing number. You may think this harder, stick to studying, you will get yourself ok with it. It made standard number for the quality of education,

Bangladeshi medical education system aimed developed for the perfect Excellency for students. There you have to sit for viva 3 days per week named as an item. Basically, it focused on your understanding of particular topics.

#4 Admission and seats:

In Bangladesh for international students needn’t sit an entry test. Whereas Bangladeshi students appear before a war named admission war! Nevertheless, you don’t have the necessity to probe any language proficiency test. Fulfilling criteria, you can get direct access to BD medical colleges.

According to Dhaka Tribune, one of the famous Bangladeshi online news portals, there are around 75 seats for foreign students in most of the govt. Medical colleges. On the other hand, there are more than 20-25 % seats reserved for foreign students. At present, there are 70 private and 37 govt colleges in Bangladesh.

#5 Cultural closeness:

In Bangladesh, being a Muslim majority country, you can find a secular environment in way of life. But like Muslim students from Kashmir or other parts of the country, it seems to be a heaven for Muslim tradition. No tension, you will meet many students from different states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Tripura, and others. Due to the closeness of culture and heritage, you don’t find difficulties in food. Many college hostels have Indian cuisine on their menu.

Take A Way

So, Bangladesh can be the perfect click for you to do your cherished MBBS degree. It’s pretty much the same as study MBBS in Bangladesh, like India. As Books, course duration, teaching method, and syllabus similar to MCI. Here I have included a list of govt., private, and women’s medical colleges.

[Written by G K M Meskat Chowdhury, student of journalism at University of Rajshahi]
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