How Do You Celebrate Every Day?

Hospitality industry professionals are always curious about Dialme Today by the unique ways our followers choose to celebrate each day in the industry. With this curiosity in mind, we’ve conceived an idea to invite our followers to share their daily celebrations. We want to hear “Your Story” and be a part of “The Future Leaders Circle,” learning how you, your friends, and your family engage in activities on Dialme Today or celebrate holidays through captivating photos.

How You Celebrate Every Day?

We’re eager to see your social media snapshots capturing the essence of holidays, food events, inspirational moments, and even memorial days. So, are you ready to let us in on your daily celebrations? If your photo is chosen, we’ll feature it prominently on one or all of our social media platforms as the banner image! We’ll proudly showcase who you are, what you’re celebrating, and why your photo stood out.

What to Do at Your End?

Simply fill out the form below, and don’t forget to give us a glimpse into the backstory on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube—your favorite social media platform.

Tell us your story; how you celebrate every day will be showcase as activity on Dialme Today

Are you prepared to share the joy of your holiday activities with us?

By sharing your cherished moments with Dialme Today, you’re not just contributing to the festivities but becoming a part of our vibrant community. Before you hit submit, please take a moment to read our Member Savings Program(MSP) and agree to the following terms:

Celebrate with Us!

  1. Age Confirmation:
    • You confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.
  2. Content Usage Agreement:
    • By submitting, you grant Dialme Today the right to use your social media content on our banner spaces across various platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.
  3. Identity Verification:
    • Your identity is genuine, and the provided contact email/phone number belongs to you. We may verify email addresses for security purposes.
  4. Consent for Individuals Featured:
    • You have secured written consent from every identifiable individual featured in your photograph, or, for minors, the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian. Proof of this consent may be requested.
  5. Submission Guidelines:
    • Please submit only photos; no illustrations or collages.
    • Avoid added or overlaid text; text within the original image is acceptable.
    • Ensure no mature content, including nudity, violence, or profanity. We are looking for family-friendly photos only.
  6. Clarity on Celebrations:
    • Make it obvious to the average user which holidays you are celebrating in your photo.
  7. Dialme Today’s Right to Deny:
    • Dialme Today reserves the right to deny the use of any submitted images.
  8. Future Use for Promotions:
    • We reserve the right to use your image in future promotional activities.
  9. Read and Agreed to Photo Release:
    • You have read and agreed to the Dialme Today Photo Release terms, available on this page of our website. Please note that these terms of service are subject to change without prior notice.

By clicking “Submit,” you acknowledge and accept these terms, making your contribution to our celebration truly special. We look forward to sharing your joy with the world!

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