Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2021 for Beginners

What Is Cryptocurrency? History of Cryptocurrency and Laws in India, Security Tips, Market Capital, etc

Cryptocurrency can be a more innovative way for you to gain extraordinary success. This article intends to explain everything about the Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. And this article can be an informative user manual for beginners.

Though cryptocurrency investment is regarded as volatile, you can’t imagine your currency being a bull market. However, having lots of chance to make profit vast, there are some issues you need to know every point very immaculately.

Here the intended to explain every point that is urgent to know for whom planning to invest in cryptocurrency. Let’s start,

What is Cryptocurrency?

Do you have money and planning to invest for better profit? Okay. Cryptocurrency can be explained as a virtual money exchange system for your willing purpose using cryptography.

Cryptography is the major technology regarded as the foundation of cryptocurrency. In the usual monetary policy or the traditional money exchange system, there is a central authority.

But cryptocurrency works on encrypted blockchain technology where the total exchange ledger recording in a data center automatically without authorities’ surveillance.

The absence of supremacy doesn’t have any shortcomings. Authority is useless here. One can’t make an artificial coin in this currency network, even can’t spend a coin double. So your money is nothing more than a code that has to be generated with mining.

This article will help you to know about the top 10 potential cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021.

All the exchanges that happen are updating at every single functioning.

As there are no certain authorities, you needn’t worry; people in a certain cryptocurrency can verify transactions between parties. It’s such money that one won but never can touch, even see. Its virtual wallet buyers can buy or can create in a computer-based process known as ‘mining.’

Here a question may be appearing before your mind that how can it work this way? To get this answer, you need to know what cryptography is? The World-shaking concept of cryptocurrency was developed based on epoch-making communication technology of cryptography.

What’s Cryptography?

Cryptography is the idea and process of changing a plain or straightforward massage into a complex algorithm that can read a particular audience only.

It’s the concept of keeping away one’s communication from surveillance of interested parties like state or govt.

How does it work?

Easy way to understand, think you’re using an encrypted communication channel. When you send a message to your opposite person, it encrypts that plain text to a haphazard code or number of million digits.

Then it appears that the device is using a network; no one can translate that encrypted text in this pathway. So it was finally reaching a definite target automatically translated into the main text that the sender sent.

This retranslation is decryption. It’s an entirely open-source software system that you can keep the confidence. The cryptocurrency was also developed based on the idea and process of this decrypt system, where it doesn’t require any authority.

Who Created Cryptocurrency?

It’s still uncertain who is the first-ever creator of Cryptocurrency, But Bitcoin is the vast ever, most known, and triumphant Cryptocurrency in history and trend.

If we consider Bitcoin as the first-ever, we have to reminisce the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. But there are many arguments, mysteries, and questions about this name.

At a glance, it seems like a Japanese name. Some consider it a person, but experts can’t agree on it a person or the name of a programmer’s group.

If we make him a person, he is a billionaire as bitcoin is devastated worldwide. But the real Satoshi never appear before the scene to claim that money.

Another cause of mystery is Satoshi Nakamoto itself, the synonym of bitcoin. So like Cryptocurrency, its creator is also still a puzzle and point of argument.

We can look into the simple history and chronology of Cryptocurrency in this article that can help us decide who created Cryptocurrency.

History of Cryptocurrency

Cryptography’s revolutionary impact on the global money exchange system, Cryptocurrency started its journey in the mid-’90s where cryptography started developing with a walk of internet fighting shy of control of absolute power on the internet.

David Chaum:

David Chaum, a cryptographer, can be regarded as a harbinger of Cryptocurrency because he made the primary framework of encrypting users’ info and data, consisting of its idea and technology.


In 1995, he established DigiCash, the first-ever digital money exchange company in history. After him, many more attempts continued, like Nick Szabo’s bit-gold, Wei Day’s B-Money.

These were the very ancient attempts to create a private and decentralized money system.


But in 2008, bitcoin started its journey as a domain, registered as, following the attempts of their ex-pats.

At the beginning of 2009, they succeeded in writing the first line of its systematic codes. And the world saw a new era of exchange methods.

But Satoshi Nakamoto, whom we described as the creator of bitcoin, disappeared from the scene and urged for the contribution of other cypherpunks and technologists developing cryptocurrency programs.

Satoshi’s this mysterious activity of disappearance made bitcoin a decentralized one.

Till now, bitcoin is an open-source and decentralized exchange system.

In the beginning, bitcoin wasn’t so famous and wealthy. Investors, then, had to secure its network; Venerator needed to mine coins from their computers.

However, it started catching sight of global people as miners, investors, etc. But with the passage of years its market value getting increased.

In these 12 years, there are thousands of cryptocurrency startups have come to people. Though some countries still prohibit this currency network, Cryptocurrency is becoming a pop medium of exchange worldwide.

This article can be pretty much helpful for you to decide on Cheap and affordable cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 among thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to invest 2021

Cryptocurrency is worth a total of $2.37 Trillion globally, and it’s boosting up by 1.34%, as per the report of Coinmarketcap. Here are the top 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in the 2021 lists enlisted below:

1. Bitcoin[BTC]:

[Market cap: Over $974 billion]


The first-ever cryptocurrency aimed to make a new idea of a barter system. According to Coinmarketcap 1 bitcoin equal 52008.11 US Dollar on September 7. Bitcoin uses person-to-person technology for its exchange and requires no central authority to operate it. Nevertheless, its software developed on open-source technology

2. Ethereum[ETH]:

[Market cap: Over $463 billion]


Joe Lubin, a blockchain developer, founded Ethereum in 2015 that now the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency network.

One of its co-founders, Vitalik Buterin, is regarded as the world’s most young billionaire of cryptocurrency.

Ethereum addresses them as theft-free, safe, and free from interference from third-party.

In bitcoin requires mining to produce coins; here, Ethereum has its currency as Ether or ETH.

Being a blockchain network, it also keeps a digital record of all. Coinmarketcap says 1 Ethereum equal to 3928.96 US Dollars.

3. Cardano[ADA]:

[Market cap: Over $90 billion]


Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, started the Cardano in 2015 that known as third-generation decentralized crypto.

He worked on the shortcomings of Ethereum, such as rising costs, extra energy usage, consumption of time in transactions, etc.

Charles opened up his currency Ada and all his technical development with a research-oriented structure. In Coinmarketcap, you can buy one ADA for only $2.83.

4. Binance Coin[BNB]:

[Market cap: Over $84 billion]


In the beginning, it was using Ethereum technology, though, and now, it works on the Binance chain as its blockchain network.

The exchange system was first created for utility payments. But now, it’s functioning in multiple ways.

It contributes total coin supply after bitcoin and Ethereum. Market capital says you need to spend 497 USD to buy one BNB.

5. Tether [USDT]:

[Market cap: Over $67 billion]


USDT is worth about 67 billion dollars in market capitalization, and you can buy one USDT for $1.

6. XRP[XRP]:

[Market cap: Over $40 billion]


You need to spend nearly $1.38 to have 1 XRP coin, and XRP has capital equivalent to 64.05 billion dollars.

7. Solana [SOL]:

[Market cap: Over $49.25 billion]


With 49.25 billion dollars market capital, Solaba stands as the 7 biggest cryptocurrency network in the coin market. You need to spend at least $179.46 for every SOL to buy.

8. Dogecoin[DOGE]:

[Market cap: Over $40.16 billion]


Its coin DOGE requires only 0.3059 USD to purchase it and has around 40 billion dollars in market capitalization. But DOGE has loyal customers like a brand. It was launched in the market kiddingly, but when other cryptocurrencies experiencing a bad time, DOGE boosted 160% in the market.

9. Uniswap[UNI]:

[Market cap: Over $17 billion]


Its market capitalization is over 17 billion dollars and for a UNI, its currency, you need to cost $28.66.

10. USD Coin[USDC]:

[Market cap: Over $27 billion]


USD coin requires only $1 to buy 1 USDC, crypto of USD coin.

How is a cryptocurrency used?

As said before, cryptocurrency is a digital and decentralized wallet. At the same time, money is a file or an image representing million of random number digits. These digital signals work through encryption on some particular app of smartphone or computer.

Individuals can give and take that file whole or partially using blockchain technology. 

The process can keep a digital and public register of every single movement of that money. Because it gets updated automatically, adding newer blocks in that chain of digital records, that’s why it calls blockchain technology. 

This mechanism makes it impossible to copy the money of others, reoccupy the same capital.

In this 21st century, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but most of them use blockchain technology for secure permute.

However, one can buy that currency here with a cash payment or using bank credit. In cross-border value transfer, parties take payments in crypto.

Is cryptocurrency a good or bad investment?

Like investors, the writer of this article also falls into perplexity deciding the good, bad, or perfectness of any investment. Though every investment has a gain-loss dilemma, and that’s inevitable. Like other businesses, crypto can bring a larger amount of avail for its owner.

Furthermore, like the other side of this coin, one can lose investment partially, even wholly. Anyway, cryptocurrency is one of the potential investments to do. Note these key features:-

  • High-risk investment.
  • Price often has ups and downs.
  • A trusted and dependable firm is urgent.
  • Bigger corporations’ engagement says crypto won’t vanish soon.
  • Acceptability is gaining worldwide.
  • Being a unique and alternative exchange system.

These key features should enhance your decision-making. Where have high-risk factor, gain also get tremendous there!

So the decision is up to you, and I feel optimistic enough that this article will help you find the top 10 potential cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency?

It’s safe until you fall into the trap of hypes-oriented people who propose an inconceivable profit plan for you. And you do invest with their pseudo project.

Another way it’s unsafe is when hackers’ invasion happens in your currency system. 

For instance, on August 10, this year, the BBC reported hackers had stolen $600m from Poly Network, a blockchain site, which is denominating the most significant hacking in cryptocurrency history.

So, I can include some key points to keep in view about its safety. I’ll also enlist the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2021.

Key Points about the safety of cryptocurrency

  • Vincible to hackers’ invasion
  • Possible to do money laundering, theft.
  • Can launch pseudo coin.
  • Have the Possibility to lose full wallet forever engaging hypes.

Can cryptocurrency be converted to cash?

Obviously, yeah. Several ways are using, which you can do convert your cryptocurrency to money you want. How do you convert? 

The answer is, You can buy your necessary products using crypto. Second, you can cash to regular money via Bitcoins ATM, where crypto apart from Bitcoin also take. 

Here it may seem taking extra fees from you. But, finally, you can transform your currency to cash and buy new crypto online, even with your smartphone.

Do you think the above ways are useless to you? You can use cryptocurrency debit cards if none of these are affordable, so you can sell your crypto to others to convert cash directly. 

But the point is, cryptocurrency is not daily use money; instead, it’s an investment strategy.

How Does Trading Cryptocurrencies Differ from stocks?

Cryptocurrency is produced as a digital currency or money unique for its decentralized controlling system. 

Being radically different, people are now using crypto for their stock exchange purpose. But the stock is sharing ownership of a company or exchanging equity with other people.

In a cryptocurrency network, you can’t know when it rises or falls.

Changes happen here suddenly, where stock companies must declare their present condition and plan previously to investors. 

Another uniqueness of cryptocurrency, there is no central authority to run it. But in every country, there are exchange commissions in almost every stock market or country.

The fundamental one is cryptocurrency market is an uninterrupted one that works every single second. Nevertheless, stocks work only on some scheduled days of a week.

Cryptocurrency Laws

Cryptocurrency’s legal structures are quite different among countries. As a result, some countries are still in a dilemma to the van, accept, or even give a regulatory framework.

Where first-world countries said yes and worked vigorously to give an entire legal structure, El Salvador was the first-ever country that allowed bitcoin legal tender and made it a formal payment system.

Indian Supreme Court gave a decision opposite to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that prohibited banks from facilitating cryptocurrency in 2018. 

However, getting the verdict, RBI also clarified that their embargo is no longer operative now.

Cryptocurrency in India

Between the years 2012 and 2017 first-ever decentralized virtual currency emerged as an apt one gradually. 

In that particular time, India also comprised its base with Indian virtual exchange systems like Zebpay, Unocoin Coinsecure, Pocket Bits, etc.

Observing its decentralized controlling system, RBI had to publish a press release, even prohibiting Indian banks not to exchange with cryptocurrency.

In 2020 Supreme Court of India gave an epoch-making decision against RBI’s prohibition on crypto. Then cryptocurrency saw the devastation in its rate with 700% between February of that year and April 2021.

Now Indian Govt. is planning to raise cryptocurrency bills to the Indian parliament. Hopefully, it’s getting a legal structure as govt, planning to count crypto as their digital asset.

Cryptocurrency Security Tips

Here are seven inviolable security tips for you to have a happy best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021.

  1. Investigate every possible point before investing a penny.
  2. Do homework, review, and talk to professionals.
  3. Buying crypto takes enough security steps to make it safe.
  4. Keep your virtual wallet secure with a strong password; never use a simple one.
  5. Use two or multifactor verification.
  6. Use a password managed.
  7. Always deal with trustworthy, if feel doubt cut and get out.

Disclaimer Notice

This article is all about the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. Though here you have a chance to get extra profit, the risk is an inevitable truth in every investment. 

So be precautious about every probable shortcoming. If you have furthermore abstruse about this, can do counsel with professionals.

Hopefully, the fundamentals about cryptocurrency mentioned above can be a pretty good help for you. So stay with us, making further queries regarding this.

[Written by G K M Meskat Chowdhury, Student of Journalism, at University of Rajshahi]
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