Top 10 University in the World for MBA

What's MBA? What's QS Ranking? World University Rankings – Full-Time MBA, Course Duration, Tuition Fess, Class Profile

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MBA is a wide-spread accepted degree for businesses education. So Top 10 university in the World for MBA is a concern of many. This article aims to provide a shortlist of the world’s top 10 universities for MBA degrees.

Here you’ll be informed, about MBA and QS ranking in short. Universities having multicultural mix-ups and a high frequency of research activities with top in the global ranking got space here. If you feel interested to know Why Indian students coming to Bangladesh for MBBS? You can read also.

Universities funded on private investments often pay Corporate Social Responsibility. To know the Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility, another article of this writer can be read here, CSR activities or Corporate Social Responsibility is taking an alternative branding strategy. But it’s actually the responsibility of corporations towards society.

What’s MBA?

MBA is a specialized Master’s program for businesses students that have international recognition. Actually, MBA stands for Masters of Business Administration.

It’s an academic program after a bachelor’s education. The program aims to give students a variety of theories and practices in different business-related areas.

It emerged in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century. Now it’s an internationally recognized degree with widespread acceptance.


  • Higher salary.
  • Better networking opportunities
  • Provides a better edge to your profile.
  • Advance knowledge of relevant skills & knowledge.


  • High fee structure of top MBA colleges.
  • Pursuing MBA does not automatically give you a job.
  • The degree will not be of help if you are not interested in business or management.

What’s QS Ranking?

Quacquarelli Symonds or QS is the internationally accepted ranking system or database publishing annually. QS considers basics like academic peer review, student/faculty ratio, international student/staff ratio, citations per faculty, and employer reputation.

QS was publishing reports together with Times Higher Education till 2009. Then they’re publishing reports separately. Having some criticism, QS has wide accepted value.

Here is a curated list of the top universities for MBA colleges in the World according to the QS Global MBA Ranking

World University Rankings – Full-Time MBA: Global, 2021


University City


1 Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford (CA) United States
2 Penn (Wharton) Philadelphia (PA) United States
3 MIT (Sloan) Cambridge (MA) United States
4 Harvard Business School Boston (MA) United States
5 HEC Paris Jou yen Josas France
6 INSEAD Paris Singapore, France
7 London Business School London United Kingdom
8 Columbia Business School New York (NY) United States
9 IE Business School Madrid Spain
10 UC Berkeley (Haas) Berkeley (CA) United States

Top 10 University in the World for MBA

1. Stanford Graduate School of Management

Stanford Business School

Stanford Graduate School of management is the number 1 university in the world for MBA. This is according to the universally accepted Q S ranking of 2022.

University that have reputation for its entrepreneur-producing goal and Silicon Valley concern. California University was founded under Stanford University in 1925. It’s a private university with having a very high output on research.

Why Stanford Best?

Every year, it allocates more than $5.9 million to support undergraduate research. Around 30 departments and programs sponsor undergraduate research programs that provide financial support for students. This helps them to work with professors on faculty-designed research projects.

Its mother university, Stanford University is known as the strength house of education is one of the world’s leading private research universities. Started its journey in 1885, Stanford is ranking #3 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

  • Course duration – 2 consecutive years
  • Tuition fees –$119,964
  • Base salary – $156K

2. Harvard Business School


Harvard Business School is also a private research-oriented university in the USA. Obtained second place in the list of top university list for MBA in QS ranking. And in 5th position, top 10 universities in the world. It takes around 12% of international students every year.

It often considered getting administration in Harvard like climbing Everest for its highly competitive system. But American students also have the same journey to fulfill a foreign student’s.

This university has a standard student and faculty ratio of 5. Studying around 5877 numbers international students here.

Harvard attracts the best students because of the top education it offers. This University employs many Nobel Prize winners and members of the Academy of Sciences.

Why Harvard Best?

Top students knowing their high potential are always searching for the best mentors to succeed in their careers. Studying here is also a very pleasant experience with life-changing learning opportunities.

Most graduates from Harvard have very successful careers in the sciences, business, or politics. This is why Harvard has gained a reputation as the university of the elite class.

  • Course duration – 2 consecutive years
  • Tuition fees – $73,440
  • Class profile – 732
  • Average starting salary – $150,000

3. The Wharton School

The Wharton School

The Wharton School stood jointly second place with Harvard Business School in the QS ranking of 2022. It’s the 3rd University in the USA that obtained a position in the top 3 for MBA.

This school was established in 1881 under The University of Pennsylvania. Previous US president Donald Trump, Elon Musk founder of SpaceX, Billionaire Warren Buffett are alumni of this University. It’s the orotund private MBA offering destination with more than 5 thousand students.

The University of Pennsylvania stood 13th position in the world’s top universities in 2022. Having 4 students per faculty ratio with a total of 5154 numbers of faculty. It welcomed 4636 numbers of international students.

  • Course duration – 21 months
  • Tuition fees – $115,432
  • Class profile – 916
  • Average starting salary – $150,000

4. HEC Paris MBA


HEC or [Hautes Études Commercials de Paris] is the best and a prestigious business school in Europe. It ranked in 4th position in the global QS ranking of 2022 and top in Europe. Paris Chamber of Commerce funded it in 1881aiming, to be a center of excellence in the business field.

It has around 4238 students with 139 academic kinds of staff. In this university, one can acquire a dual-degree in a program name M2M with 3 other universities. HEC enabled a legal framework for private investors to be included in their board in 2015.

  • Course duration – 15 months
  • Tuition fees – € 78,000
  • Class profile – 290
  • Average starting salary – €107,453

5. MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT Solan

MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the world’s leading business schools linked with MIT. It’s globally 5th position holder MBA offering destination according to QS ranking 2022. It was established in 1914, and currently, it has about 1300 students from diverse nationalities.

They are creating continuous stress on innovation and research through practice. Its faculties engaged in doing research in 14 affiliated research centers.

  • Course duration – 2 consecutive years
  • Tuition fees – $77,168
  • Class profile – 484
  • Average starting salary – $144,140

6. London Business School

London Business School

London Business School (LBS) is the highest scorer University in research activities in the UK. And obtained the position of number 6 in QS global ranking on MBA.

It is also in third place among European universities. This Business education hub offers degrees in 7 subject areas with 6 additional research centers. It’s an affiliated college under the University of London, founded in 1964.

It can also regard as a multicultural university for its thousands of alumni from 130 diverse nationalities. And faculties from over 30 different countries from the world. It’s 88% of total students are international and have a 1:0.51 male/female student’s ratio. From 2007 it’s operating a secondary campus in Dubai, of the UAE.

  • Course duration – 21 months
  • Tuition fees – £92,735
  • Class profile – 532
  • Average starting salary – £83,295.00


NSEAD Business School

INSEAD is one of the classic centers of quality education in the business field. This education hub offers degrees with a diverse class atmosphere. It has affiliated campuses in Asia, Europe, and America.

Moreover, In Asia, they are operating schooling in multicultural cities like Abu Dhabi and Singapore. It’s the 7th top MBA offering destination according to the QS ranking of 2022. And Financial Times marked INSEAD as the number 1 MBA education hub this year.

This is originally a France-based University funded in 1957 after the Second World War. From the very beginning of its start, INSEAD stressed much on multicultural cooperation and understanding of business. To ensure a multicultural mix-up, they still have a quota on how many students of the same nationality can enroll there.

  • Course duration – 10 months
  • Tuition fees – €89,000.00
  • Class profile – 1010
  • Average starting salary – $105,900

8. IE Business School

IE Business School

IE Business School is one of the classic centers of business education based in Madrid, Spain. It’s sustaining its position as a world’s leading recognition like QS, Forbes, Financial Times and Bloomberg, etc.

QS Ranking says it’s the 7th top MBA offering destination in 2022. And INSEAD and IE Business School claimed 3rd position among European universities in 2022.

IE became the first-ever university to be 1st in Financial Times ranking 6 times in a row. This University was founded in 1973. Being a multicultural University, it has more than 60 thousand international Alumni from 165 different countries.

It has pupils from more than 160 different countries. Around 28% of their faculty is female, where they have about 500 proficient faculty.

  • Course duration – 11 months
  • Tuition fees – €72,200
  • Average starting salary – $ 93,264

9. Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School or CBS is the 9th top prestigious MBA destination according to QS. In the 2022nd ranking, they enlisted CBS in the globally 9th position. Its parent university, Colombia University, funded it in 1916.

According to the Financial Times ranking in 2020 CBS stood #8 in global MBA. It’s a private business school, having around 44 thousand global Alumni. It has 136 faculty members. Likewise, it aims to create an entrepreneur-producing environment with strategic thinking.

For this purpose, CBS takes international students of about 30% and where one-third of the total students are female.

  • Course duration – 20 months
  • Tuition fees – $77,376
  • Class profile – 782 (enrolled)
  • Average starting salary – $150,000

10. Rotman School of Management

Rotman Business School

Moreover, familiar as Rotman School, a public university established in 1950 under the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto has a strong history of offering business education from 1901.

Surprising info for you, around 98% of its faculty are doctorate degree holders. It has 3 separate intakes of students. University authority designed 3 separate sessions for student’s intake. It operates Fall session on September-December.

In summer intake on May-August and finally winter session on January-April.

Rotman offering part-time, full-time, and executive degrees with post-doctoral courses. Situating in the heart of Toronto, the 3rd largest economic hub in northern America. Rotman claimed the #1 MBA offering destination in Canada according to QS ranking 2020. And in the 2022 rankings of QS, they stood on 43rd position globally.

Take A Way:

To enlist the Top 10 University in the World for MBA we considered the QS global ranking, Financial Times considerations, in some cases Bloomberg reports also had in view. It’s actually an article based on information from different sources.

For concerned on, my observation and suggestion will be to investigate much more. There is a comment box always open for your brainstorming openings and comments. Please don’t feel hesitate and think no more to comment here.

[Written by G K M Meskat Chowdhury, Student of Journalism, at University of Rajshahi]
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